Reinventing the journalist

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Connecting traditional journalism with modern journalism is one of the most difficult stages in the transition to the new communication ecosystem. It is not enough to adapt technologies that facilitate the dissemination of information on digital platforms, but to adapt the mentality of those who will be responsible for handling them properly. Despite the strong … Continue reading Reinventing the journalist

The new battles of the written press

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In an era in which technological applications are the ones that determine the new profiles of digital journalism, the written press only has conceptual weapons left to continue fighting for its physical presence. Due to the nature of its format, which is determined by size, pages and content limited to non-animated texts and graphics, the … Continue reading The new battles of the written press

Changing shapes, not the background

When smartphones became the all-rounder of communications, the camera industry paled and it looked like it was already being left stranded at the museum of pre-modern relics. Smart phones, with their respective integrated cameras that are every time more meant to replace traditional models that have existed since their invention back in 1816, jeopardized the … Continue reading Changing shapes, not the background

Sunday’s lecture, another added value of the LISTIN DIARIO

Among the transformations that traditional newspapers undergo to tune in with the preferences of emerging audiences lays the tendency of merging any outstanding content into the digital, supported by a diversity of formats that modern technologies allow us. One of these changes consists in converting everything to the digital or an intermediate or transitional step, … Continue reading Sunday’s lecture, another added value of the LISTIN DIARIO

The news: more than spreading them, to tell them

With the arsenal of new communication technologies, digital users are now inclined to the formats that tell the story of an episode, its background and impacts, just as podcasts and storytellings do with increasing success. It's not surprise that under the influence of Spotify and Netflix, the bulk of digital users show preferences for these … Continue reading The news: more than spreading them, to tell them