Now we have to “talk” to the audiences

The media are not just for reporting. Apart from interacting with their readers or users, which has been a new phenomenon in communication, they have to "talk" with them. From simple news broadcasters, the media were getting closer to their audiences, directly or indirectly. In some cases, monitoring their tastes and perceptions; in others, opening … Continue reading Now we have to “talk” to the audiences

Users and readers, two different cultures

man using smartphone

Although united umbilically by technology, digital and printed newspapers of the same company indeed operate in parallel ways on the current information ecosystem. Newspapers companies bet on quality of limited contents in a scheme from beginning to end, focused on a mass of readers, while the digital ones bet on the massification of users, represented … Continue reading Users and readers, two different cultures

Changing shapes, not the background

When smartphones became the all-rounder of communications, the camera industry paled and it looked like it was already being left stranded at the museum of pre-modern relics. Smart phones, with their respective integrated cameras that are every time more meant to replace traditional models that have existed since their invention back in 1816, jeopardized the … Continue reading Changing shapes, not the background