The inevitable course of print media

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The movement of emblematic magazines from the print platform to the digital format is another eloquent indicator that confirms the inevitable course facing paper media in the new informationecosystem. In fact, the most recent measurements of print and digital media readership in the world reinforce this trend towards transformation, due to the growing audience of … Continue reading The inevitable course of print media

The pitfalls of multimedia convergence

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Uniting two formats, print and digital in the same newsroom, is the pinnacle of the so-called multimedia convergence, the most complete expression of the new communications ecosystem. Technologically speaking, multimedia is crystallized by uniting the resources of each medium (text, graphics, audio and video) through the facilities that allow different applications on the web. But … Continue reading The pitfalls of multimedia convergence

Printed with digital skin

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The avant-garde newspaper designer, Mario García, is fascinated by transformative bets and now he comes up with another magnificent audacity: diagramming newspapers with the visual concepts of mobile phones. "It is fascinating to be fluctuating from mobile to print journalism almost simultaneously", migrating the characteristics of the digital format to the covers and some inside … Continue reading Printed with digital skin

184 headings and 160 articles just about Covid

Ten months of struggle through the Covid pandemic have undoubtedly created a new school of modern journalism in which human stories become the center and object of information, rather than outright declarations. Readers and users of both information and specialized contents, today, make up the right audience that can trace all routes of information by … Continue reading 184 headings and 160 articles just about Covid

This change came suddenly… but we assume it

We knew that we were on the verge of some dramatic and challenging changes in the process of uniting our printed platform with its website, following the universal trend and vogue that leads to multimedia. We needn't rush anything, but assemble the pieces of this unification on a new gear that was not just … Continue reading This change came suddenly… but we assume it