The inevitable course of print media

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The movement of emblematic magazines from the print platform to the digital format is another eloquent indicator that confirms the inevitable course facing paper media in the new informationecosystem. In fact, the most recent measurements of print and digital media readership in the world reinforce this trend towards transformation, due to the growing audience of … Continue reading The inevitable course of print media

An inside out change for the newspapers

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Unlike digital media, which have a wide menu of technological tools to innovate, the only thing left for print is to change the product inside and out, although with limited options. The starting point is to recognize that in a world massively communicated by electronic devices, the paper format has to identify the real profile … Continue reading An inside out change for the newspapers

Printed with digital skin

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The avant-garde newspaper designer, Mario García, is fascinated by transformative bets and now he comes up with another magnificent audacity: diagramming newspapers with the visual concepts of mobile phones. "It is fascinating to be fluctuating from mobile to print journalism almost simultaneously", migrating the characteristics of the digital format to the covers and some inside … Continue reading Printed with digital skin

The new strengths of the printed media

From being, for a long time, the ultimate recorder of daily events, the printed media began to discover that nowadays, their best strength lies in publishing relevant analyzes and chronicles of the events that volatilize through the digital world. It no longer makes sense to fill the paper with the same content that the reader … Continue reading The new strengths of the printed media

The printed and digital world, two different bets

Although they converge as twin platforms in a single newsroom, the bets for each platform are very different and the success of the editors comes from identifying which contents mark the strengths for each format. We're clear about this premise: the newspapers no longer monopolize the information nor can they aspire to be the first … Continue reading The printed and digital world, two different bets