The inevitable course of print media

shallow focus photography of magazines

The movement of emblematic magazines from the print platform to the digital format is another eloquent indicator that confirms the inevitable course facing paper media in the new informationecosystem. In fact, the most recent measurements of print and digital media readership in the world reinforce this trend towards transformation, due to the growing audience of … Continue reading The inevitable course of print media

The new reinforcements the press needs

Now forced, due to the corona virus pandemic, to grapple through two challenges - the mass of audiences and the quality of contents - the press is seeking extra journalistic reinforcements to survive. Journalism faculties, natural sources of the human team that feed the printed and digital media, haven't had time to train professionals that … Continue reading The new reinforcements the press needs

What printed media should bring

Analysis, contextualization and explanations are three basic elements within the package of new content with which the printed newspapers lead their redefinition process, trying to mark a differentiated line against the digital offers. These three elements may be perceived in a work of value, such as essays, opinion notes and researches focused on one or … Continue reading What printed media should bring

The new strengths of the printed media

From being, for a long time, the ultimate recorder of daily events, the printed media began to discover that nowadays, their best strength lies in publishing relevant analyzes and chronicles of the events that volatilize through the digital world. It no longer makes sense to fill the paper with the same content that the reader … Continue reading The new strengths of the printed media

New media don’t kill the old media

Since the Internet broke into humanity with all its transformative force back in 1995, there have never been premonitions about the imminent disappearance of the traditional media, namely printed newspapers. The omens in this regard have been based on two parallel measurements: the one that records the number of people connected to digital media and … Continue reading New media don’t kill the old media

IAPA sets the tone for the future

With more than 1,300 partners of printed and audiovisual media, the Inter-American Press Association is the largest and most important areopagus that journalism in the Americas counts on to defend and protect the freedom of speech from the many dangers that are constantly lurking. In 75 years of existence, which will be celebrated in October, … Continue reading IAPA sets the tone for the future