The news: more than spreading them, to tell them

With the arsenal of new communication technologies, digital users are now inclined to the formats that tell the story of an episode, its background and impacts, just as podcasts and storytellings do with increasing success. It's not surprise that under the influence of Spotify and Netflix, the bulk of digital users show preferences for these … Continue reading The news: more than spreading them, to tell them

The boom of “audible news”

At the moment, the dissemination of news in auditory mode, not necessarily formal and specialized podcasts, is the trending and innovative model that's broadly widening in our era of digital communications, due to the change of user habits. Just like smartspeakers' technologies allow users to have a dialogue with audio-assistant bots, such as Alexa or … Continue reading The boom of “audible news”

To listen, more than to read

It's no coincidence that the world's greatest newspapers, strongly committed to the “digital first” strategy, are focusing on the audio format to spread their news, that is, offering them through podcasts and other auditory transmission models. The new habits of digital users is what's strengthening such trend that privileges the listening over reading, in a … Continue reading To listen, more than to read

Another dish to “hook” the audiences

The success of podcasts, a format that allows audiences to listen to news content at any time and place through smartphones, is inspiring the growing trend of founding digital newspapers based on the audio resource. We already know about the bold and innovative commitment that the Danish magazine "Zetland" has made by converting all its … Continue reading Another dish to “hook” the audiences

The informative podcasts of the Listin Diario

For a couple of weeks now, the Listin Diario has integrated its informative podcasts into its digital content menu, the format that's marking the steps from the radio toward the screens. Just like the regular television has resorted to digital platforms to survive the push of YouTube, Netflix and other very popular channels, so does … Continue reading The informative podcasts of the Listin Diario