Changing the ways of delivering news

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In this era of audiovisual communication, all the molds that metered the dissemination of news have been broken. The inverted pyramid rule, which organized the writing of the news based on its most important elements (who, what, when, how and why), seems doomed to disuse under current circumstances. Being more audiovisual than textual, the news … Continue reading Changing the ways of delivering news

184 headings and 160 articles just about Covid

Ten months of struggle through the Covid pandemic have undoubtedly created a new school of modern journalism in which human stories become the center and object of information, rather than outright declarations. Readers and users of both information and specialized contents, today, make up the right audience that can trace all routes of information by … Continue reading 184 headings and 160 articles just about Covid

Users and readers, two different cultures

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Although united umbilically by technology, digital and printed newspapers of the same company indeed operate in parallel ways on the current information ecosystem. Newspapers companies bet on quality of limited contents in a scheme from beginning to end, focused on a mass of readers, while the digital ones bet on the massification of users, represented … Continue reading Users and readers, two different cultures

Wider grounds for “free-lancers”

The most unexpected feature for journalism, regardless of the platform, was telecommuting. With this Covid pandemic, not only did the shift toward the digital environment accelerate, so did remote work, a practice that until this situation was limited to correspondents abroad or within the country. The need to confine vast masses of different populations, in … Continue reading Wider grounds for “free-lancers”