Even the formats of headlines have changed

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In the time of sobriety, traditional newspapers used to use their news headlines as if they were telegraphic messages. They often dispensed with certain prepositions and articles that, in good grammar, would help to weave the correct thread of a sentence. But the practice of communicating with few words and in a space already delimited … Continue reading Even the formats of headlines have changed

Journalism in YouTube code

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With the formidable audience of “millennials” and “centennials” devouring audiovisual information, today's journalism directs the prow of its narratives towards really compatible ways of communicating facts, taking into account these preferences. Social media platforms, but especially YouTube, have paved the way for the experimentation of interactive and dynamic audio and video products in digital newspapers, … Continue reading Journalism in YouTube code

Users and readers, two different cultures

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Although united umbilically by technology, digital and printed newspapers of the same company indeed operate in parallel ways on the current information ecosystem. Newspapers companies bet on quality of limited contents in a scheme from beginning to end, focused on a mass of readers, while the digital ones bet on the massification of users, represented … Continue reading Users and readers, two different cultures