Changing shapes, not the background

When smartphones became the all-rounder of communications, the camera industry paled and it looked like it was already being left stranded at the museum of pre-modern relics. Smart phones, with their respective integrated cameras that are every time more meant to replace traditional models that have existed since their invention back in 1816, jeopardized the … Continue reading Changing shapes, not the background

Sunday’s lecture, another added value of the LISTIN DIARIO

Among the transformations that traditional newspapers undergo to tune in with the preferences of emerging audiences lays the tendency of merging any outstanding content into the digital, supported by a diversity of formats that modern technologies allow us. One of these changes consists in converting everything to the digital or an intermediate or transitional step, … Continue reading Sunday’s lecture, another added value of the LISTIN DIARIO

Our digital achievements in 2019

2019 has been quite challenging for the Listin Diario. The events that took place during the year have marked a new precedent in the country, especially in political matters (a pre-election year with primary elections); also in justice matters, specifically about drug-trafficking issues. On the digital platform, we've focused on keeping every event updated on … Continue reading Our digital achievements in 2019