More than news, information

anonymous person with binoculars looking through stacked books

Users of digital platforms go to them more looking for information than news. They look for content that summarizes important, contextualized and specialized data, in order to acquire basic knowledge for decision-making. The news, pure and simple, reflects events of interest but is not enough to provide pure and valuable knowledge. Hence the reception and … Continue reading More than news, information

Freedom of the press, until when?

Formal, traditional media, say newspapers, radio and television companies that focused on news broadcasting, have been, together, the pillars that support a free press in the world. They make a rough layer of stainless steel within the ecosystem of information that censorship has often tried to pierce with restrictive laws or the complete suppression of … Continue reading Freedom of the press, until when?

Connecting with the people (Echoes of SIP-Connect 2019)

When printed newspapers carried the monopoly of information, the methods of measuring and knowing their audiences were very limited. The elementary parameters of readership were based on the number of copies in circulation and an average estimate of those who could read a copy, or that of the subscribers, who were regularly consulted to know … Continue reading Connecting with the people (Echoes of SIP-Connect 2019)

The control of information slips from certain hands

The recent decisions taken by the greatest providers of digital content to block fake news and announcements and to decide which kinds of information can or can not enter their traffic channels, are creating a new hyper-capacity in social communications in the world. The traditional presets in which the media maintained control of relations with … Continue reading The control of information slips from certain hands