Printed with digital skin

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The avant-garde newspaper designer, Mario García, is fascinated by transformative bets and now he comes up with another magnificent audacity: diagramming newspapers with the visual concepts of mobile phones. "It is fascinating to be fluctuating from mobile to print journalism almost simultaneously", migrating the characteristics of the digital format to the covers and some inside … Continue reading Printed with digital skin

It’s relay time for journalists

A new generation of leaders looms on the horizon of the world's most important media, as digital formats accelerate the transformation of journalism and open the way to other models of mass communication. Emblematic directors of traditional newspapers, such as Marty Baron, of The Washington Post and Roberto Pombo, of El Tiempo de Colombia, following … Continue reading It’s relay time for journalists

2020, the trigger for the digital leap

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The transition to digital platforms had been, until 2020, a gradual process, in some cases timid, for most of the print media of the traditional press. Although it was seen as an inescapable necessity in the face of the overwhelming growth of digital audiences, favored by the mass use of electronic devices, especially the mobile … Continue reading 2020, the trigger for the digital leap

Changing the ways of delivering news

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In this era of audiovisual communication, all the molds that metered the dissemination of news have been broken. The inverted pyramid rule, which organized the writing of the news based on its most important elements (who, what, when, how and why), seems doomed to disuse under current circumstances. Being more audiovisual than textual, the news … Continue reading Changing the ways of delivering news

The printed and digital world, two different bets

Although they converge as twin platforms in a single newsroom, the bets for each platform are very different and the success of the editors comes from identifying which contents mark the strengths for each format. We're clear about this premise: the newspapers no longer monopolize the information nor can they aspire to be the first … Continue reading The printed and digital world, two different bets