The text, under the decisive war for survival

Back when there wasn't much profusion of videos, just TV, the big job of describing realities through newspapers actually rendered journalists with no other option than display their uttermost skills on graphing things out through the written word. Non-fiction literature exponents, excellent chronicles and outstanding reports, were what contributed to the transmitting of specific details … Continue reading The text, under the decisive war for survival

A great challenge for the written press

modern cellphone on holder placed on desk near gadgets

Every day, video and audio formats become stronger supports for human communications and their learning. News in such formats outweigh, in preference, the text. The optimal language lays on the visualization of images and listening to vocalized content. The newer generations, who've been educated with more established learning models in these two formats, prefer to … Continue reading A great challenge for the written press

The boom of “audible news”

At the moment, the dissemination of news in auditory mode, not necessarily formal and specialized podcasts, is the trending and innovative model that's broadly widening in our era of digital communications, due to the change of user habits. Just like smartspeakers' technologies allow users to have a dialogue with audio-assistant bots, such as Alexa or … Continue reading The boom of “audible news”