Another dish to “hook” the audiences

The success of podcasts, a format that allows audiences to listen to news content at any time and place through smartphones, is inspiring the growing trend of founding digital newspapers based on the audio resource. We already know about the bold and innovative commitment that the Danish magazine "Zetland" has made by converting all its … Continue reading Another dish to “hook” the audiences

Quality news, first and foremost

News of quality, those that offer the readers an amalgamation of data, testimonials from sources and an adequate contextualization of the facts, duly verified, have become the levers that move the growing trend towards payment subscriptions or memberships in the joined printed and digital platforms. We've already seen how the World Newspaper Organization has documented … Continue reading Quality news, first and foremost

Connecting with the people (Echoes of SIP-Connect 2019)

When printed newspapers carried the monopoly of information, the methods of measuring and knowing their audiences were very limited. The elementary parameters of readership were based on the number of copies in circulation and an average estimate of those who could read a copy, or that of the subscribers, who were regularly consulted to know … Continue reading Connecting with the people (Echoes of SIP-Connect 2019)

NYT, a journalism of solutions (Echoes of SIP-Connect 2019)

With the strategy that allowed them to reach 10 million subscribers by 2015, the iconic newspaper The New York Times focuses on a concept journalism that brings many solutions, all under the premise that today's audience is speaks loud and clear, thus must be heard. The new products that accompany this strategy are meant to … Continue reading NYT, a journalism of solutions (Echoes of SIP-Connect 2019)

The digital dive

The greatest newspapers of today haven't yet feared the digital plunge; partly because they are pioneers of a journalistic model that puts together several resources at once (text, audio, video and graphics), in a lively and interactive way to keep a good relationship with the audiences. The most recent reinventions or transformations of such traditional … Continue reading The digital dive