Our digital achievements in 2019

2019 has been quite challenging for the Listin Diario. The events that took place during the year have marked a new precedent in the country, especially in political matters (a pre-election year with primary elections); also in justice matters, specifically about drug-trafficking issues. On the digital platform, we've focused on keeping every event updated on … Continue reading Our digital achievements in 2019

NYT, a journalism of solutions (Echoes of SIP-Connect 2019)

With the strategy that allowed them to reach 10 million subscribers by 2015, the iconic newspaper The New York Times focuses on a concept journalism that brings many solutions, all under the premise that today's audience is speaks loud and clear, thus must be heard. The new products that accompany this strategy are meant to … Continue reading NYT, a journalism of solutions (Echoes of SIP-Connect 2019)