More than news, information

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Users of digital platforms go to them more looking for information than news. They look for content that summarizes important, contextualized and specialized data, in order to acquire basic knowledge for decision-making. The news, pure and simple, reflects events of interest but is not enough to provide pure and valuable knowledge. Hence the reception and … Continue reading More than news, information

Even the formats of headlines have changed

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In the time of sobriety, traditional newspapers used to use their news headlines as if they were telegraphic messages. They often dispensed with certain prepositions and articles that, in good grammar, would help to weave the correct thread of a sentence. But the practice of communicating with few words and in a space already delimited … Continue reading Even the formats of headlines have changed

No street criers and no covers to compete

The Covid pandemic suddenly took away two classic pictures associated with traditional diarism: it took the 'canillitas' or street criers off the streets and took away from the front pages their quality of being news screens. The 'canillitas' were, for a long time, the announcers of the news, based on the headlines of the newspapers … Continue reading No street criers and no covers to compete