The newspapers take flight

A good staff of analysts, simpler and more understandable narratives, and a careful selection of reader “targets” are today the basis of the recovery process of the world’s large print headlines.

As a result of this injection of quality and depth into their content, the main print newspapers are recovering ground lost during the pandemic.

And it’s not a matter of magic. It is that they have been able to revalue the key elements of their origin, the exposure of verifiable facts, which in turn strengthen their levels of reliability, given the rise of false or manipulated news.

Added to this scrupulous management of the news, so that the truth is never sacrificed for sensationalism and the desire to capture audiences, the newspapers are now betting on a model of quality information, rather than pure and simple news.

We are very encouraged by the news from the Digital Media Latam 2022 event that speaks of a recovery in advertising and subscribers, which until now are the two basic sources of support.

Global advertising investment until 2020, the year of the pandemic, has exceeded that of the last four years, thanks to innovative proposals for monetization of events, offers and entertainment content.

This curve in no way interrupts the already sustained advertising investment in digital media, which is now sufficient for high-paying subscriptions from readers looking for valuable content in print.

These valuable contents are those that guide readers in priority fields, such as health, technological innovations, reports, analyzes and expert opinions that explain what is happening, what can happen and better contextualize a given reality.