Monday´s Newspaper

Before, when there was no internet or Sunday editions, the Monday newspaper was the most searched of the week. What was the reason?

The list of National Lottery prizes, whose draws were held on Sundays, capturing the attention of thousands of players who had bought tickets and pools in pursuit of fortune.

A shrewd printing press capitalized on this widespread interest and on Sunday nights first went out to sell a sheet with the winning numbers of the three first prizes and the rest of the approximations.

At that time, the newspapers did not have Sunday editions and the radio and television stations did not broadcast news 24 hours a day, as digital media do today.

The Sunday sheet sold like hot cakes, but the quality of its printing was not the same as that of the Monday newspapers, which gave them greater reliability when they reproduced the official sheet published by the Lottery.

The great “hook” of the newspapers was, then, the Lottery list and hence its extraordinary demand on Mondays.

Advertisers, who knew this, pushed their clients’ posts that day in the certainty that they would have the largest audience. Similarly, some officials or government offices who got used to sending statements on Sundays, hoping to achieve a greater readership.

But times have changed and we can no longer say that the Monday edition, or any other day of the week, is the favorite and the most profitable