The Listin Diario during 2021

The Listin closes a year again with extraordinary numbers of visits and readership on its Web portal.

Between January 1 and December 29, our website registered 507,981,572 visits.

These data represent a return to the rationality lost during 2020, when due to the push of the pandemic, all reading indicators were altered upwards.

Listin closes the year again as a leader in digital readership, ranking fourth with the highest number of visits in the country, only behind the giants Google, YouTube and Facebook.

In terms of readership, the year was marked by the peak of hearings on July 7, and the following days, when the assassination of the Haitian president, Jovenel Moïse, took place.

But it was also marked by a reduction in the consumption of news content linked to the Covid-19 pandemic, which was the main driving force during the previous twelve months, corresponding to 2020.

As a curious note, the most sought after local content of the year is related to the pandemic. And they are those referring to the curfew time changes, which the government imposed on at least four occasions, until ordering its complete elimination.

In 2021, Listin launched its video studio, launched immediately for special coverage and with the ability to connect journalists who are on the street, following up on news events, with those who are in the plant to improve the contextualization of our usual live broadcasts.

The Listin concludes the year with a new YouTube channel, which from now on will focus on coverage of diarism, maintaining our main account, of more than 171,000 subscribers, for already established products and special reports.

After these twelve months, the dean of national diarism consolidated digital products such as El Farol, which maintained its critical and casual voice, which generated uproar and applause at its introduction.

The space, led by the journalist Yudelka Domínguez, celebrated its first year at the beginning of December and already has a private account on the social network Twitter, where comments on Dominican news are being shared.

2021 has also helped us to test new audiovisual products such as “Here I tell you”, with the journalist Yadimir Crespo, who gives context and sobriety to the topics of greatest news interest. “8 Curiosities”, with Ashley Ann Presinal, has been another of the premieres that remain in force.

The same with our YouTube platform, where our youngest journalists visit neighborhoods and places of interest in Greater Santo Domingo.

The year 2021 was guided in readership by the Sports and Entertainment sections, with a natural reduction of La República, taking into account that we left a year (2020) with three general elections and with the appearance of a pandemic as it had not been seen since 100 years ago.

We welcome 2022 with the most ambitious project ever undertaken by the Dominican press, which awaits us after a few weeks.

But to talk about that we will have time in other Reflections. May you all have a promising 2022!

  • Translated from Spanish by Randy Rodriguez.