Stepping on familiar ground once again

With the worsening of the pandemic, newsrooms have returned to teleworking, a modality with which they had already become familiar.

It is like stepping back on a terrain in which the dynamics of a new way of practicing journalism took root, never completely eliminated.

The first experiences we lived in March 2020 created the conditions for a hybrid type of journalism, more virtual than face-to-face, and more digital than in print.

And from that experience, new challenges were born for digital journalism that, to a maximum extent, appealed to an entire instrument of technological applications so that the human chain of planning, searching, disseminating and updating news was not broken.

For traditional journalists, focused on print, this challenge brought them closer to the new ecosystem and participated in a model that privileged news in digital format, first and foremost.

It also involved content selection work that bet more on contextualization and feature articles, moving away from the temporality and expiration of digital news, to help understand the complexities of the world that the pandemic was transforming.

When we gradually returned to the “normality” of before, the foundations of telework were established for different editors and editors who, since then, have continued to work under this scheme.

That explains that now, when we have returned to the near fullness of this modality, the work flows optimally and regularly without major setbacks, except those that involve casualties due to contagion that have been maximized with the Omicron variant.

  • Translated from Spanish by Randy Rodriguez.