Another step forward in convergence

The dissemination of news in a newsroom that has merged its print and digital platforms has, until now, followed the classic pattern of two different rhythms in terms of time.

One for the latest news (in digital), and another for the contextualization and deepening of the facts in the paper format of the day after, clearly differentiated in the writing of texts and in the type of culture of their audiences.

Although it has been possible to achieve a good and acceptable symbiosis for this recycling, we are now in the time to move on to a greater definition of the bases of this convergence, promoting a restructuring of the current editorial teams.

In the LISTIN DIARIO we have started 2022 with different projects that are part of the strategy of giving more value and versatility to digital content, going beyond the already proven resources of live broadcasts, podcasts, historical summaries and interactivity programs with users.

We envision a fertile field in digital reports, both of the digital team’s own generation and those stories, reconstructed and contextualized, of important events that have aroused, in their time, the attention and interest of readers to know more.

Technology allows us to explore other varieties or formats in which digital journalism can show off.

And the long experience in the use and interpretation of data will also allow the printed LISTIN DIARIO to amplify the sphere of research and analysis work, whose contents can be shared on different digital platforms, following the new trends in progress.

  • Translated from Spanish by Randy Rodriguez.