Printed with digital skin

The avant-garde newspaper designer, Mario García, is fascinated by transformative bets and now he comes up with another magnificent audacity: diagramming newspapers with the visual concepts of mobile phones.

“It is fascinating to be fluctuating from mobile to print journalism almost simultaneously”, migrating the characteristics of the digital format to the covers and some inside pages.

In fact, Mario has been a pioneer in adaptations of this type, seeking to create bridges for the interconnection of audiences with the different multimedia platforms.

I remember that in the early eighties, in the news television boom, the USA Today newspaper appeared in the United States with the appearance of a TV screen.

Their stalls or vending machines on the street were also in the shape of a screen, and the newspaper itself, with its polychromatic elements and some features that resembled those of the television newscasts, marked an innovative stamp.

Thirty years later it changed again using a good mix of components of its digital page with the designs of the form, including the comments of the readers on Facebook and Twitter, trying to better engage with the audiences.

These ongoing innovations show that there is room for format re-adaptations in the world of multimedia.

This is what happens with television programs that migrated to the internet or that became radio interactive. Innovation, as you can see, is continuous, which is why traditional print newspapers should not fear it or be left behind in the face of these deep and rapid changes.

  • Translated from Spanish by Randy Rodriguez.

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