Audio, an accelerant toward digital journalism

The development of audio formats to give news, tell human stories or give advice or didactic tutorials, is now one of the most pressing efforts that digital journalism has to increase audiences.

Podcasts not only enrich the computing and specialized content offer, but they have also become monetizable pieces, such as Netflix series.

That is why the great multimedia newspapers of the world are creating teams of scriptwriters, sound editors, vocalizers and programmers, a technical cast that was previously unthinkable in a traditional newsroom.

Different polls at the international level record a growing public preference for the audio format, somewhat similar to that of video consumers, which outlines a strong pillar of engagement among digital users.

The impact of this format has been notorious in the mutation of television news programs or comments towards this internet platform while still being visible on those high-audience digital channels.

The profusion of podcasts, more than 17 thousand newspapers at the international level, has been so relevant that only in the European continent an audience of more than 55 percent of adult users is notified, willing to pay subscriptions in this model.

From now on, the digital newspapers of the large journalistic companies invest large sums of money in the development of podcasts of different categories, in addition to the bets they simultaneously make on the tools of artificial intelligence to strengthen the production of text content, the in-depth reports and journalistic investigations.

  • Translated from Spanish by Randy Rodriguez

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