An inside out change for the newspapers

Unlike digital media, which have a wide menu of technological tools to innovate, the only thing left for print is to change the product inside and out, although with limited options.

The starting point is to recognize that in a world massively communicated by electronic devices, the paper format has to identify the real profile of its audience to supply differentiating content.

As they do not have to compete on a platform where speed, infinity, vulnerability of the truth and the proliferation of not always reliable sources permeate their content, print companies can bet on the depth, quality and accuracy of their own.

This represents a change from the inside, choosing your own research and reporting topics and taking advantage of the immense volume of data that artificial intelligence puts in our hands for an excellent management of the contexts of a news episode.

It requires debugging what is an inconsequential fact, an official propaganda, a manipulated, false or insufficiently reliable news and setting its focus on issues or issues that truly decide the course of a society or the most important aspirations of the human being.

I insist once again that we have to give life to a new paradigm, based on the reality that newspapers are no longer there to give pure and simple news, but to transcend and reveal them in their unknown dimensions, turning them into reliable inputs for the taking of correct decisions.

The change on the outside, that is, its face, can occur through innovative graphic designs that reflect the distinctive visual patterns of digital sites seeking a kind of similarity with these formats that are today within the reach of the human eye.

Evolutionary graphic designs have been a constant in the life of paper newspapers, a way to become more attractive, easy to read and to invite the consumption of their content.

  • Translated from Spanish by Randy Rodriguez.

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