The great trend of audio content

Although audiovisual formats are the most consumed in digital journalism, it is audio, in these times, the one that is best positioned for its monetization.

The latest studies that have been done on the formidable increase in audio content in the world (around 17 thousand podcasts per day) is whetting the appetite of digital media.

The best proof of its success is that more than 55 per cent of European audiences are inclined to consume podcasts (be it in news briefs or special reports and stories) and are more willing to pay to listen to them.

According to data from Edison Research, in the United States, regarding the industry and consumption of podcasts, 47 percent of listeners subscribe to paid audios, more than double than in 2015.

That same company has come to the conclusion that we are facing a global trend in continuous growth, and it is supported by the evidence that a
68.4 percent of those surveyed would pay to enjoy advanced features, and 54.6 percent would pay to access exclusive content from a podcast.

These surprising findings force digital media to strengthen its podcast production based on the audience’s preferred themes, which can be detected by the audience tables that monitor them.

It is worth saying that the audio for paid subscription could be the excellent hook for those media that still limit their paywalls to news or text content.

Audio content, or combined voice and image formats, are also more in demand among regular consumers, but the podcast is ahead of the race. And monetize more.

  • Translated from Spanish by Randy Rodriguez.