Towards all-digital, without fear

In their efforts for survival, the traditional print media have understood now, more clearly than ever, that their future is linked to the good strategies they assume in the digital field.

Most of their income comes from their digital platforms, not only because commercial advertising has migrated to them, but also because other ways of achieving benefits have been opened that exceed the limited options with which they have survived until now.

I am referring to the modalities of payment subscriptions for different categories of products, textual or audiovisual; the sale of a variety of items, as if it were a mini-mall; the sponsorship of events and the production of audiovisual content, superior to those that were traditionally its nutritional sources.

This explains and justifies that they now invest more resources in technological tools to operate with an optimal level of profitability than print, by itself, cannot assure them in this world dominated by an audience that consumes more audiovisual than textual.

In a scenario like this, the quality of its textual content, its veracity and depth, are the guarantee that printed newspapers offer to those who seek credible and reliable information against the tsunami of fake news that floods the networks and makes it difficult to distinguish the truth from the lie.

Adopting arising technologies that facilitate digital production also offers them other advantages, since with the development and expansion of artificial intelligence software they can take advantage of and make profitable the volume of big data in their deep research content, and hit the target with when it comes to knowing the attitudes and preferences of its users.

These advantages did not exist before, but now they do. And the best of the case is that its correct and systematic use can make the difference between a superficial journalism and a deeper one, of indisputable benefit for all audiences and for society itself in its needs to have a press continuously vigilant and scrutinizing of transparency and democracy.

  • Translated from Spanish by Randy Rodriguez.