A journalism for the elites

Little by little a very special elite is growing: that of those readers who look for true and reliable news on the exclusive pay sites of digital newspapers.

As elite readers there will also remain, in the future, those who maintain their subscriptions with traditional print newspapers that are already refining their content to focus on feature articles, analysis and research, rather than the news of the day.

In view of the fact that humanity is under the influence of an epidemic of false news or an “infodemic” of junk content that trivializes reality, traditional media committed to quality journalism reverse these risks by betting on news offers of greater weight .

This line of quality content has been the engaging or attractive factor that the payment walls of the digital platforms of these media have, which indicates that a community of users prevails, which I prefer to call elite, that is committed to that model.

For the newspapers that have endured falling advertising, circulation, and subscription revenues, the well-cultivated digital pathway with research genres, interpretive data analysis, and substantive opinion has opened doors to the community that pays to get them in a privileged way.

This trend will continue to take root to the extent that the levels of distrust in the news disseminated by the networks without any validation, verification or verification tests increase, causing citizens to need sources and undoubted content to form their judgment and make correct decisions.

The readership elites that swell the models of paid subscriptions in support of professional journalism are those that today are becoming the pillars of the subsistence of a responsible, truthful and qualifying press.

  • Translated from Spanish by Randy Rodriguez.