The day we got on the wagon

When the train of technological change sounded the starting whistle to a new destination for the media, many called to get into their wagons preferred to stay on the platform.

Those who then awaited his arrival and approached him in other sections of his infinite route, are evolving since then towards the field of transformations that shape the new digital ecosystem.

This newspaper was one of those passengers. He got on the wagons, with determination, just four years ago, converted into a model of printed-digital fusion that tried to insert himself in that dynamic.

The experience has been that of a continuous trial and error that began, but has not yet ended, with a process of change of mentality among those who make up the template of the form.

Since then, June 9, 2017, the most tangible advances we have had on the route are having assumed a combined line of digital competitiveness and one of qualification of content in print, in the light of a new culture.

The culture of video, podcasts and continuous activity on social networks mark the lines of our strategy.

The year of the pandemic was, in fact, the most important of these four, as it has made us think with brighter lights about the digital world, and to focus the energies of paper on the definition of a morning-after newspaper.

Our live broadcasts, which have accompanied us on Facebook since 2017, have become an important piece of all our social networks over these four years to carry information in real time.

On Facebook (2018) and Twitter (2020) we reached one million followers. On Instagram we bite about 900 thousand users.

During these four years we’ve had 99,154,157 users; and received 635,630,773 visits.

These figures, which are the fruit of responsible work, have been made by our readers who must be thanked for their loyalty to a work that does not rest, and a team that day by day only seeks one purpose: to bring the real information, current, verisimilitude, to our entire audience.

  • Translated from Spanish by Randy Rodriguez.