More than news, information

Users of digital platforms go to them more looking for information than news.

They look for content that summarizes important, contextualized and specialized data, in order to acquire basic knowledge for decision-making.

The news, pure and simple, reflects events of interest but is not enough to provide pure and valuable knowledge.

Hence the reception and consumer demand that specialized content on health and well-being issues, innovations and success stories in the midst of the crisis have had during the Covid-19 pandemic, which provide the reader with useful tools and ideas for the newspaper to live.

This trend is what gives meaning to the priority that the media now have, in particular print and digital newspapers, to find and expose the how and why of events.

I spoke about this in Reflections last Sunday, in order to shed light on the imperative that now weighs on journalists, analysts and researchers to “discover” the news, beyond covering it on the surface and the temporality in which it arrives and they go.

I do not dare to say that the news is devalued but that it is necessary to add the intrinsic value of all the edges that surround a fact

And nothing better in these times of profuse news dissemination than to show the how and why of them, to reach the optimal knowledge,
which is valid to cross the new paths of a changing era full of surprising discoveries.

  • Translated from Spanish by Randy Rodriguez.