A long-legged news

The Covid pandemic has been, in journalistic jargon, a long-legged news.

It has been the predominant day by day, for a whole year, in almost all the countries most affected by deaths and infections of the coronavirus.

We couldn’t expect any less. An event of this magnitude has had repercussions in all spheres of life and has attracted the permanent attention of an audience eager to follow the trail of this dangerous ghost.

In journalism, long-legged news are those that, due to their relevance or the broad interest that they arouse in users of print or digital media, have a vocation for continuity and timeliness.

They are not news that disappear or vanish from the readers’ radar, but rather they preserve a long-lasting common thread that is shaping a story whose end has not come and that is why it keeps us in suspense.

This is what has happened with the news of the pandemic. Since we saw its proximity, in February 2020, we have not lost track of it at any time, on any day.

That is why the fact that in almost all the daily editions of LISTIN during that year and even so far this year, that has been the headline news, in any of its different and novel nuances, falls into the category of anthology.

I could not recall any other topic or news like this, that had run so much with such ostrich legs… and that is still running.

  • Translated from Spanish by Randy Rodriguez.