A delicacy of good readings

“Sunday Readings”, our digital supplement, celebrates its first year as one of the models in our digital transformation process.

It was born on March 15, 2020 in the middle of the pandemic along with other versatile content bets with which the LISTIN DIARIO wanted to break the monothematic field of disturbing news about Covid.

With a mass of subscribers and users confined to their homes, due to the state of quarantine imposed by force of circumstances, we wanted to give them, instead of so much bad news, a delicacy of good readings to break the discouragement, fears and confusion of a stage calamitous, from which we have not yet emerged.

In that misty environment, the supplement was born, under the direction of the Culture editor, Luis Beiro, and a design team led by the editor Felix Lugo, with the particularity that being the only day of the week that our newspaper does not circulate In print, it was in fact the most special of our editions.

In addition, with “Sunday Readings” we were taking the first steps towards a greater connection between print and digital editions that progressively took shape with another weekly page, “El Extra, research report”, and with occasional digital editions specialized in related topics. with the pandemic.

It has been a fascinating exercise in connecting with a future marked by the predominance of new information technologies, placing emphasis on quality and in-depth content that transcends the banalities or false news that abound on social media platforms.

Prestigious foreign and national writers addressing issues of politics, culture, history, literature, journalism, cinema and science, leave their mark every Sunday on the pages of this special edition, much appreciated by our readers on a day when printed newspapers do not appear. to the streets.

The world of digital leaflets is already making itself felt in our agenda of changes for the future since “Sunday Readings” became its vanguard and a promising exponent of the quality and journalistic excellence that we have set ourselves as an inalienable goal.

  • Translated from Spanish by Randy Rodriguez.