No reason to die on the eve

As the undisputed matrix of professional journalism, the written press has a widely favorable field to strengthen this role by taking advantage of the innovations that accompany the modern information age.

What was believed to be one of its limitations, the paper format, has been overcome by replicating its content on digital in its own diagram that can be easily browsed as if it were physical, without losing identity or credibility.

Concomitantly, the paper-digital junction has led the written newspaper to diversify its informative offer and to get more out of the dissemination of news without straitjackets of space on its pages.

As technology allows digital monitoring of its audience, the written newspaper learns to identify the issues with the greatest impact or those that always generate the greatest interest and readership, pointing the telescopic sight towards the most profitable niches.

In this way, newspapers now have more capacity to establish roadmaps in its usual and future coverage and to know how to choose which topics and approaches deserve to be treated on its pages, to differentiate itself from the rest of the platforms.

It is from this experience that the current trend towards analysis, reports, chronicles and specialized approaches has been strengthened, plus the bets on journalistic investigations on current problems that are often dealt with in passing in the barrage of news on the networks.

In truth, the traditional written press already has to make qualitative leaps, within its particular paper scheme, to maintain the significance of what has been its greatest and indisputable asset: truthful, verified and confronted information, a source of quality and credibility .

The written press does not have to die on the eve. What you have to do is take on the innovations applicable to its format, understand the keys to the new culture that is making its way with modernity and the demands of the new generations and open its sails to positive change.

  • Translated from Spanish by Randy Rodriguez.