Our very bets

The newspapers have become, in practice, a sort of by-product within the arsenal of options that exist within the information and news ecosystem, where the digital torrent is predominant.

Our bets are mostly related with the issues that the audiences deem as viral, whom are the ones that nowadays draw the guidelines and whose preferences must be attended or satisfied, else the newspapers would lose their hook.

On our own, we should not be alien to those prevailing themes that capture and absorb public interest.

Despite this being an undeniable reality, it doesn’t mean that all printed media attempt to take the same step in response to the issues that determine the hunt for information, establishing our own bets.

These must be bets that point towards new styles that have become a big part of our lives and work paradigms in today’s society, driven by the infamous Coronavirus pandemic.

Let me explain: while digital platforms fulfill their magnificent role of giving us the news from the beginning to the end, with all its nuances, through twists and turns and follow-ups, printed media can’t just continue as a mere echo box.

We must delve into collateral aspects of a problem, trying to find origins and endings, causes and consequences.

There’s a vast field for imagination. We must plan our news hunts on topics that are novel and interesting, whether or not very connected with the reality that digital capsules project and portray, with special added values.

This is an appropriate alternative to make a difference, so as not to condition the printed editions of the next day with more of the same stuff that the digital has spread, and to stop being a secondary option or a by-product within this complex information ecosystem.

  • Translated from Spanish by Randy Rodriguez.