The “table of depth”

As we lean towards a journalism of digital platforms, the Listin Diario is determined on climbing new steps in the quality of content of its print edition, under the motto of “making the difference, every day.”

Making the difference involves a job similar to that of carving a diamond. In our case, it’s all about refinining the raw mass of news that we disseminate digitally under different formats and schedules, then extracting specific aspects, previously omitted or treated superficially, to produce in-depth content in the printed platform for the next day.

For such, and as part of the internal reforms that imply changes of the traditional roles of editors, now they we’re integrating what we call the “table of depth”, without neglecting the classic tasks of titling, correction, and page assembling.

This structure is intended to purify the entire mass of information that circulates through digital networks, collect that which has links or many aspects in common with others, and add our extra value based on backgrounds and perspectives, with statistics, historical data or examples with certain remarkability.

In order to achieve a dynamic that corresponds to the pressures of timeframes or spaces in the printed platform, publishers have been given the responsibility over at least three subject areas. Everything that’s linked to these areas is their domain and their role is to make the best cut of that diamond.

For obvious reasons, these editors don’t intervene in the other phases of digital coverage, this work is, instead, in charge of journalists and photojournalists, with the exception of the lifestyle, social, entertainment, and sports aspects.

The “table of depth” goes beyond being a mere news refinery. Over here, editors and assistant reporters also have the freedom to schedule investigations, analysis and reports.

With this, we achieve a way to breathe life into the printed editions and “make the difference, every day”

  • Translated from Spanish by Randy Rodriguez.