The virtual classrooms of the Listin Diario

With the onset of the digital era, the Listin Diario became the pioneer newspaper for the implementation of virtual classrooms on regard of basic education programs of the Dominican Republic.

Through its “Plan Read”, inaugurated in 1989, it’s reached thousands of physical schools with content specifically aimed at primary, intermediate and high school students.

Teachers, previously trained in workshops based on basic education programs, then used these contents as core for their students.

The newspaper proceeded to organize massive activities, such as Geography Week and other kinds of workshops to advise on care for the environment, while on the other hand, several booklets adjusted to the model of formal school textbooks got released, hence strengthening their teaching of knowledge in many ways.

As the use of computers and other devices connected to the internet became widespread, the LISTIN DIARIO created its virtual classrooms to cover a larger audience of students.

Now that remote education has burst into force, given the would-be imprudence of classes taking place in universities and schools, our “Plan Read” incorporates programs such as free English classes, basic human subjcets and exams on their regard.

In addition to that, we’ve included research and scientific studies on the ongoing pandemic, with the purpose that students also increase their knowledge about this widespread problem.

The Listin is committed to a journalism of solutions. This plan has been one of our fundamental tools, endorsed by the World Organization of Newspapers.

Our role, now, is to contribute so that during this tough transition towards a new society, Dominicans can find, either in “Plan Read” or in the contents of our printed and digital newspapers, a fleet of support for the reaping benefit of the innovations derived from this ‘covidianity’.

  • Translated from Spanish by Randy Rodriguez.