The new reinforcements the press needs

Now forced, due to the corona virus pandemic, to grapple through two challenges – the mass of audiences and the quality of contents – the press is seeking extra journalistic reinforcements to survive.

Journalism faculties, natural sources of the human team that feed the printed and digital media, haven’t had time to train professionals that the new communications ecosystem needs.

They’ve had to accelerate the pace to include audiovisual subjects, due to their usefulness and necessity as indispensable tools of the digital evironment, and bit by bit, they’ve been eliminating classes focused on the printed journalism model.

The youth that studies and loves journalism, go to their classrooms being more interested in the handling of technological applications, that is photo and video cameras, their respective editing techniques and the intricacies of artificial intelligence, in addition to becoming familiar with the best techniques of communication with an audience.

On the other hand, the written press is envisioned betting on the quality of content in a context of high virtuality that greatly challenges its existence in the already limited spaces in which it operates.

By quality of information, we’re talking about content that gathers data and details, current and past, verisimilitude, precision, depth and adequate contextualization, all of this is required to go beyond the immediacy of a speedy, digital journalism.

To reach those levels of quality, reinforcements are a must. That is, accredited collaborators in other specialties or disciplines who, with good management of text building, provide rigor and depth to the issues addressed.

Under this new context, the collaboration of doctors, economists, lawyers, systems engineers, specialists in informative technology and management, pedagogues and experienced military personnel are useful, reinforcing the human teams of the modern newsrooms.

In this way, the written press can strengthen its offers of analysis, research and quality contents, which is now the top priority and table of both salvation and distinction.

– Translated from Spanish by Randy Rodriguez.