This change came suddenly… but we assume it

We knew that we were on the verge of some dramatic and challenging changes in the process of uniting our printed platform with its website, following the universal trend and vogue that leads to multimedia.

We needn’t rush anything, but assemble the pieces of this unification on a new gear that was not just technological, but structural, conceptual and operational.

Joining the two wouldn’t have made sense if the printing team, made up of seasoned veterans in that format, did not transform themselves, managing to not see the digital as a foreign body or counterproductive.

This change involves too many readjustments. Starting by “mentalizing” it, assuming it as an objective, a little distant from the path of reconversion, but inevitable and irreversible.

What we didn’t foresee was how soon it would come. The national emergency created by the arrival of the Coronavirus pandemic tore the paper model into pieces and forced us to experience an unexpected reality and challenge: remote reporting, editing and production.

It’s been a change in two aspects: one that forces the strengthening of the digital environment with innovative ways of journalism and its respective monetization plan, and another that actually transforms the printed space into a higher-quality demanding platform.

Two rows of continuous effort that give multimedia another dimension. Two bodies that mutually support each other and must coexist, competing with differentiated content, engaging audiences that seek either breaking news or in-depth, truthful, solid and instructive work, or both.

That’s what we’re up to now. Assuming such violent yet hopeful change.

– Translated from Spanish by Randy Rodriguez.