The press unleashes its new paradigm

Journalism of quality and depth is now the hallmark of the newer paradigm of the written press.

These qualities are the only alternatives for it to survive this phenomenon of massive consumer migration onto the digital platforms.

Although it fights against the economic effects of the change in audiences, facing a drastic decline in advertising and other sources of income, its safe spot lays in that professionalism of handling the truth, real and proven.

Its responsibility, behind the new scenario created by the Coronavirus pandemic, is not to share the news, but to discover them. Expose them with all their true charge in a deeper context, exempt from all falsehood or manipulation.

The pages of the newspapers are no longer under heavy pressure to accommodate all the news that interest a very diverse audience.

These pages now have enough channels on the digital platforms. The printed becomes, with this reconfiguration, the purifying filter of that information flow that digital turbines drive.

The values ​​of a professional journalism, today more than ever, guarantee that new contents respond to the rigor of proven facts, a virtue that hasn’t yet taken a firm step onto the digital ecosystem.

As false or non-credible news create dilemmas for digital consumers, the printed press recovers reliability and here lies its foothold for a recapture of the public that appreciates the quality, veracity and depth of its contents.

– Translated from Spanish by Randy Rodriguez.