Sunday’s lecture, another added value of the LISTIN DIARIO

Among the transformations that traditional newspapers undergo to tune in with the preferences of emerging audiences lays the tendency of merging any outstanding content into the digital, supported by a diversity of formats that modern technologies allow us.

One of these changes consists in converting everything to the digital or an intermediate or transitional step, dedicating a few days a week to print and the rest to the digital format, as business strategies.

Most news companies, however, have preferred to keep their publishing days unchanged and still bet heavily on the digital platform, where they open up ground for innovation and the use of different modalities to serve the news and other entertainment content.

The LISTIN DIARIO is among the latter, but by perceiving that technology allows a minimum of hybridization with the gradual use of PDF on the Internet, we’ve chosen to publish a digital edition in that format every Sunday, with aims to maintain the virtual presence of our printed edition the exact day we don’t circulate on paper.

With this, we intend to fill a gap of relevant information, such as analysis, background articles and opinions, reports, as well as full stories and daily life events, in addition to the regular and updated content of our website, so that our readers feel that the printed LISTIN is with them every day.

Through this modality, which we baptize as Sunday’s lecture, we aim to provide more specialized content arranged on sites designed for a better reading comfort knowing that Sunday, being a non-working day, our users have spare time to immerse themselves in the consumption of interesting stories, in addition to the news that flow instantly on our digital site.

We’re confident that this will be a nourishing experience for our readers. We strive maximize our efforts into the selection and arrangement of Sunday topics on the website, so that Sunday’s lectures become a differentiated product and, at the same time, an added value to our usual offer of contents.

Enjoy it!

– Translated from Spanish by Randy Rodriguez.