One year after the transformations

This March 11th, the Listin Diario celebrates its first anniversary of undergoing a radical transformative process with aims to adapt to the new journalistic models imposed by the era of multiplatformed media.

We reduced our standard paper size to a comfortable tabloid prototype, not to meet a simple cosmetic and superficial overhaul but as the prelude to a deep concept that bets on the diversification of contents, which is the path followed by the leading and most accredited newspapers of the world.

It’s a qualitative leap aimed at privileging narratives, analysis and researches that complement or help understand a relevant event, under a format all about pieces of text and illustrations that facilitate the reading and understanding of related facts, with a criteria better adjusted to the renewed reading culture born in this digital era.

The change was not only limited to a physical redesign in terms of shape and thickness, it also acted as part of the big restructurings of the dynamics of our integrated newsroom, where our digital platform could be enriched with quality content while positioning itself as the main website of the Dominican Republic.

It’s been a simultaneous process that has impacted both platforms, being differentiated in their public objectives but with the same horizon, that is, to inform with adherence to the pure state of truth and reality. In our digital we strive to inform on time and with diverse formats, taking advantage of those resources that modern technology puts at our disposal.

Aware that the printed newspapers don’t play the role of delivering the news first, but of deeper contextualization, analysis and interpretation, the Listin Diario bets on a journalism of solutions, under the printed format, while adapting to the model that mobile users of today prefer, whom constitute the bulk of the modern audience.

To bypass our possible “Legacy Syndrome”, that’s to say: the old ways – a tie that still many traditional newspapers have not managed to detach themselves from, required us to adapt to the different generations that converge in our integrated newsroom, but we move forward very confident, fearless of changes.

A year after starting this process, we’re more than excited to continue stepping on the accelerator of changes, in correspondence with the demands of our users and the innovative trend that has allowed the Listin Diario to be alive for over 130 years in the heart of all Dominicans.

– Translated from Spanish by Randy Rodriguez.