Immediacy vs. relevance

Our great mass of readers has been very interested, these days, on digital media to find out about all the novelties and updates that revolve around the Dominican youth at the flag’s plaza.

Exact or inaccurate, the news flow and arouse feverish states of excitement among those who read them, inducing towards either the acceptance or rejection of what they read, hear or see, but still fulfill the interest of knowing what’s happening.

Digital channels and social media, available to anyone who owns a smartphone and has internet access, now constitute the first source (although not the most reliable and truthful) that millions of users rely on to make contact with the reality of the moment.

Immediacy has become the thriving engine of this dynamic. This is leading printed newspapers to refocus their contents and business models of yesteryear, which let them maintain the monopoly of information successfully.

Or, put another way, it’s driving changes and innovations to the exercise of professional journalism, without losing quality or sense of mission in a society that needs and deserves to gain knowledge.

The reinvention of the written press does not exclude any alternative, strategy or tool that allows it to live alongside digital media under a new culture of readership and, therefore, gives way to, and develops, a journalism of explanations, interpretations and analysis, in coherence with the reality, this way deepening into the causes and consequences of an episode.

The keyword, then, is relevance.

Identifying the relevant elements of an event, keeping a concrete context and separating the accurate from the inaccurate, the reliable from the untruth, is the challenge that professional journalism faces, betting on contents of quality rather than speed or immediacy.

These days, the experience of informing about the new modalities of civil protests in our country has allowed us to clearly define these fields, accepting that there are two parallel dynamics (each with different influences among users): that of immediacy and that of relevance, both of which can indeed coexist in the coverage of news content.

– Translated from Spanish by Randy Rodriguez.