The newspapers are many things at once

In this modern era, newspapers are more than a compendium of news, graphics and ads on paper. They’re many things at once: a distributer of digital content, a bit of TV and a bit of radio and a more real, direct and active interlocutor with its users.

That is the magic of multimedia. Amalgamating many formats on a single platform. A cake with several flavors of which each of part is nourished by different ingredients that modern technologies provide in the form of devices with multiple applications and functions.

As a multimedia, all of the components are joint by the gear of technology, but each one stay relevant and play an important role, like the molecules in a large nucleus. In this case, the digital sphere and the printed one keep feeding each other, although they’re differentiated in the objectives (or audiences) that they strive to achieve.

In this structure, the most advantageous part in terms of adaptation and assimilation of management is the newspaper, which can be transmuted, without abandoning the paper itself, into a channel of audio, images, videos, as a multifaceted advertising instrument.

A TV or radio channel can do the same. Hence, the transformation or disruption caused by technological advancements has made it easier for printed newspapers to renew, innovate and adapt to modern platforms that catalyze global communications.

There’s no printed newspaper that, at this point in time, avoids the inevitable transformation that it must undertake to preserve and increase audience and income.

The ways of doing this do alter according to the ability to respond to the changes of business models that gravitate within the digital sphere, which is the very incubator of indistinct formats for spreading the news and content of relevance or entertainment.

We should not believe that only by assuming the digital platform adjacently to the printed one, the desired transformation materializes. That’s not enough, something else is needed, and that is to accept that the digital channel is the new captain of global communications and that we must follow all its rules and demands.

– Translated from Spanish by Randy Rodriguez.