To listen, more than to read

It's no coincidence that the world's greatest newspapers, strongly committed to the “digital first” strategy, are focusing on the audio format to spread their news, that is, offering them through podcasts and other auditory transmission models. The new habits of digital users is what's strengthening such trend that privileges the listening over reading, in a … Continue reading To listen, more than to read

What printed media should bring

Analysis, contextualization and explanations are three basic elements within the package of new content with which the printed newspapers lead their redefinition process, trying to mark a differentiated line against the digital offers. These three elements may be perceived in a work of value, such as essays, opinion notes and researches focused on one or … Continue reading What printed media should bring

No longer are there any comfort zones in the newsrooms

At the speed that innovations that transform the digital platform are all taking off, there simply can't be any comfort zones in the integrated newsrooms anymore, just like it happened at the times when we only produced our printed editions. Back then, our routines did manage to change radically, as is the case now, since … Continue reading No longer are there any comfort zones in the newsrooms