Our digital achievements in 2019

2019 has been quite challenging for the Listin Diario. The events that took place during the year have marked a new precedent in the country, especially in political matters (a pre-election year with primary elections); also in justice matters, specifically about drug-trafficking issues.

On the digital platform, we’ve focused on keeping every event updated on a minute basis. We’ve shared the facts, but also gone beyond them to explain to our audiences why they’ve happened in the first place and how they can affect them, thus depleting all angles worthy of mention.

The coverage for the digital platform has made us develop more skills for the immediacy of content whilst being useful for those who continuously follow us through social media.

This team job has had a structure for the definition of topics that are developed and accompanied with audiovisual resources. Live broadcasts through the popular network Facebook, as well as content breakdowns through Twitter, have allowed us to maintain “engagement” with the audiences.

A great look at how much effort for growth we’ve continued to have on Instagram, a platform born with the purpose of sharing aesthetic photos that in the last three years has turned into a great ally for the media channels to disseminate their contents and news through videos, which do manage to reach the younger audiences looking for synthesized news.

Hence, we’ve also continued with a greater commitment to the resource of the video, as a tool that, on social media platforms, optimizes the capturing of attention of the users.

In retrospective, after a bit over two years since our merge of the digital and printed platforms, we could say that we’re going in the same direction with both, looking for the best results after drawing platform-specific goals on each version. We’ve taken into account that we’re still in a transition process that is not finished overnight.

The Listin Diario has opted for creating broadcasting groups through the WhatsApp messaging platform, which is one of the most used applications by smartphone users. We’ve successfully created stable groups dedicated to news from all around the country, international events and sports and entertainment are also part of it.

We also introduced usage of the podcast model through Spotify, a platform where in 2020 we will continue to promote and create more content for it.

At the beginning of 2019, a new record of access to our website was registered in January, 13.2 million visits. In that month, the newspaper had 2.9 million unique users.

The Listin Diario continues to be the Dominican portal with the largest number of visits in the Dominican Republic. In the overall list, it’s only surpassed by Google and Youtube.

The Listin continues to be the leader among the newspapers with a large number of followers on Facebook, with 1.1 million people, being the later the most widely used social platform in the country.

We’re very satisfied with these positive balances, which only continue to energize and encourage us to tackle the new challenges of 2020.

– Translated from Spanish by Randy Rodriguez.