Two years of good articles

These reflections have just marked their second anniversary of weekly releases, the same amount of time since the merge of the printed and digital platforms of the LISTIN DIARIO. With such reflections, I’ve really been trying to explain, step by step, the reasons and the scope of this transformation.

On June 9th of 2017, this historic change managed to materialize and just a week later my reflections focused on describing what it implied for the traditional habits of the reporters and executives at their jobs.

Outside of readjusting the personnel and the new strategies to find out, script and disseminate the news content, adapting to the demands of both digital users and traditional readers, the most difficult part has actually been to promote a change of mentality in our personnel to coexist in the novelty of the digital platform.

In the past two years we’ve live broadcasted some content, for our newspaper’s very first time, breaking from the old tradition of having our journalism expose itself by just photo and text.

These live broadcasts have allowed the public not to miss a second of a judicial process as momentous, like the Emely Peguero case or the evolution of atmospheric phenomena Olga and Maria, which caused devastation throughout our country.

Never before has it been possible, in the history of dominican communications, for a traditional newspaper with some digital anchor to keep a continuous transmission of reports from five different and distant points of the national territory, thoroughly reporting the impacts of both aforementioned cyclones, for instance.

Not long ago, the LISTIN issued the first version of its information podcasts, a step that is testing the market, which begins with a broadcast twice a day, but in the near future it should have expanded with a diversity of other options.

These news transmissions are designed for people who are on the move or who need a review or summary of the news, in addition to the news recorded on video always available on our website and social media.

These innovations have come with an unprecedented model that consists in an accurate contextualization of the news through the newspaper’s digital platform, which aids in understanding our audience. The same goes for our Twitter threads and Instagram questionnaires about the reality that surrounds our society.

These have been two great years in which we’ve made a commitment to the correct distribution of our quality content, in most accordance with the schedules, workflows and intentions of our users.

Such innovations are endorsed by the behavior of the audience, which has allowed for the increase of our monthly and annual daily visits in a considerable and sustained manner.

A few days ago, for example, the newspaper beat its historical 927 thousand visits in a single day, a professional achievement that makes us proud because it has been based on a serious, responsible and diversified journalism that respects the basic and traditional rules, which have underpinned the credibility of the LISTIN DIARIO for its entire, soon-to-be, 130 years of its existence.

– Translates from Spanish by Randy Rodriguez.