The reason for change

With this digital era, we’ve entered a whole new world and the LISTIN DIARIO could not miss out on the transformations that are taking place to ensure a better media competitivity and quality of contents within the field of the printed newspapers.

Following the same route as the newspapers that have been referents of the highest credibility and acceptance in the world, the LISTIN DIARIO bets on its constant renewal, not only with the modernization of its design but with a new approach to discover the news under any of the possible scales.

The adoption of an easy navigation format to respond to the habits and rhythms of this new generation’s readership, produced just by this digital age, allow us to tune in with such preferences in a way that permit us to go beyond the immediacy of the information.

Faithful to its humanistic line, which emphasizes the attention of citizens’ needs and aspirations while providing solutions, the LISTIN enriches its pages with new contents that, in turn, will strengthen the offers of its digital platform, which is the most accessed one even from the Dominican Republic itself.

Narrative and investigative journalism will have more prominence under this new model, broadening the knowledge base of our readers by having the option to see the news events from their different perspectives and dimensions, thus making everyone better prepared to take the appropriate decisions.

In addition, this qualitative leap comes with the purpose of bringing to such large mass of users the exact pieces of information they seek, beyond what’s found on social media, a content of depth and quality, verified and subdued to the most demanding rules and filters of a professional journalism.

We’re tuning in with the trends that mark the processes of renewal and innovation of this era, and still resembling the pure truth while also preserving our stamp of identity, which has been carved thanks to a history of 130 years of hard work and existence as a legitimate voice of the national conscience.

– Translated from Spanish by Randy Rodriguez.