The importance of a responsible journalism

The printed media that have cultivated a responsible and professional journalism for years, have also been the greatest supports for building democratic and civilized societies by serving as platforms for the exercise of freedom of expression.

There’s no better accolade for the independent press, whether it is exercised through radio, television or digital sites, it will always be the realest basis of what we know as the opinion of the world.

It is the source from which citizens are nourished to be fully informed of what happens around them and beyond, and of the ideas that thinkers, leaders, analysts and professionals provide for the correct understanding and discernment of such events.

The independent press, being professional and responsible, has been the ultimate shield for maintaining one of the most sacred attributes of the human beings, which consists in the pure liberty of expressing their ideas and opinions, fundamental inputs of any state of consciousness that guide the final actions or decisions of a group of people.

That role has been played in dissimilar circumstances, such as the galvanization of some public opinion in defense of liberties and full democracy, or the stimulation of gatherings to achieve the common benefit within societies threatened by epidemics, famines, poverty, wars, widespread corruption or a broken sovereignty ann constitutionality.

From any platform that serves for the communication and socialization of society, this responsibility must always be alive and present, unbreachable, so that our humanity doesn’t lose its compass of thoughts and disallows the fall into the emptiness of banalities, fictions or false news.

Even when modern ways of social communications imply a transition from the traditional models toward a digital sphere, the printed newspapers can continue to play a role as solid sources of truth, offering the best answers to the many questions that surround our everyday life.

With a big vision, a work of high quality and a good management of the aftermath of the relevant events that constitute our history, the authentic professional journalism can preserve the levels of reliability and credibility that the digital networks don’t meet yet. This way, the free, capable and decisive public opinions are properly kept from weakening or perishing.

– Translated from Spanish by Randy Rodriguez.