The Listin Diario during 2018

The year 2018 closes with being the the third most visited website, based on dominican entries, only behind Google and YouTube.

The Listin already receives, on average, 12 million visits per month, a fact that has been possible by a succession of own record establishments, which have allowed us to exceed our previously highest figures not once, but thrice during this year, which is a clear sign of constant and unstoppable growth.

Our peak happened during the recently concluded month of November, where the newspapers compiled the figure of 12.5 million visits in only that month, a very interesting fact considering that there were no natural catastrophes, which tend to revolutionize the viewership of the portal from the ground to the sky.

The Listin is closing the year with a total of 136 million entries received (growth of 41.42%) and 438 million page views (growth of 29.69%).

The main sections that support its growth on the web are “Sports”, “The Republic” and “Entertainment”, while the “Opinion” section might be also noteworthy with its viewership growth of 43% this year, compared to last.

During 2018 the Listin premiered its new newsroom, rebuilt under the concept of putting the work stations of the digital platform in the heart of our physical space, as the clearest and most distinctive signal of our modern bet: “the digital first”.

This focused effort for working with an unified newsroom (for printed and digital) formally started during midst last year, following the modern trend towards the convergence of platforms, thanks to the application of new tools and patterns that aid in the transmission of the thematic contents that most users of the digital generation prefer.

We can’t say that we have used all the tools available to achieve the optimum degree of impact, because the transition, in these cases, is a rather slow and progressive modernization, but our goals aren’t unattainable if the will to win this bet on the integrated newsroom, with a spirit of openness to changes and strict respect to the premises of professional journalism, which by the way have been the keys to our success during 2018, predominate among all our editors, designers, videographers and programmers.

I congratulate each of the teams that make me company through this path of trials and mistakes, on which we will continue trilling, with more enthusiasm and hope during 2019, God willing.

– Translated from Spanish by Randy Rodriguez.