After the “Breaking News”

Even with their integrated newsrooms, traditional media are discovering that one of their best competitive pros, in this digital age, is to add bonus information to the news, since they tend to expire very quick, crushed by the continuous stream of news articles disseminated by the totality of media.

They know how to distinguish between two informative models: one of them consists in being just in time with the most shocking news of the moment or “breaking news”, for which they use their digital platforms, and the other one consists in gathering all the elements of a relevant news event, to then publish them in their printed editions under realistic context that brings readers closer to the actual perspectives of the live witnesses of the event.

This additional value, achieved through such diversity of elements, is today one of the best antidotes against the rapid expiration of the news, because it confers a seal of exclusivity and personality to the printed brand, as leaning on analysis and adequate journalistic contextualizations prove to be effective.

The written press has a wide catalog of categories or genres that can be perfectly assembled together to add extra value to the news, like interviews, chronicles or stories, and the monitoring of an episode until it reveals the very last detail, including sharing as much information as possible about any revelant antecedents and further consequences.

This is the synthesis of a journalism of depth and quality that, thanks to the experience in the handling of the components of a chronicle, allow the editor to add emotive and impactful notes regarding humanitarian perspectives, so through them the subject character of the news speaks as if it’s the real scenario, without the context being altered as it normally would on digital platforms.

Looking for direct sources, landing at the scene and going farther, wherever the news reaches, is the bonus asset that traditional journalism platforms own and should continue to enhance in order to keep drawing an agenda of relevances, not of simplistic and ephemeral entertainment, and although all platforms could focus on this, the printed ones are where the time can be spared at for any reader that looks for the truth, high-quality content and perhaps the harsh but pure reality of the facts.

– Translated from Spanish by Randy Rodriguez.