Six months later

The printed and digital editions of the LISTÍN DIARIO were formally fusioned not very long ago, in June of this year, and in these six months this convergence has allowed us to close the year 2017 with a record of 19,483,467 users, a formidable achievement.

We grew by 5.7 percent this year, since in 2016 we had 18,543,434 users in our digital edition, and we have no doubt that this growth is due to the good performance we had in the mobile enviroment.

We had already warned that the growing use of mobile phones to read news or watch videos and graphics, represented a huge factor to take into account when directing our content towards the users of these devices.

To give you an idea of how much the mass of mobile readers contributes to this record, I tell you that this year it grew 46.85 percent, which indicates that our work was wisely done and must be maintained and strengthened.

Another related detail, which justifies this powerful increase in mobile readers, is the percentage of entries to, which experienced a growth of 26.54 percent this year.

This means that we went from 73,395,352 (in 2016) to 92,757,189 entries to our pages.

When it comes to digital media, it’s not all about the number of entries, but also the number of sub-pages viewed, because this represents the interest and the time spent by readers in the entire mass of content.

In fact, in this aspect we also recorded a growth of 24.18 percent, accounting for 422,928,405 page views this year.

According to these statistics that we have consolidated until November of this year, the main sections of the LISTÍN DIARIO, such as ‘The Republic’, ‘Worldwide’, ‘Entertainment’ and ‘Sports’, among others, had excellent percentages of entries.

The introduction of attractive features such as 360 degree images, live reports of different events, plus the diversity of new content with the series of quality reports, support this positioning.

For 2018, we’ve planned the inauguration of the new integrated redacting room of the LISTÍN, built with digital work stations in the mere center of it, as a response of the new philosophy of the modern day journals: digital first.

Our bet, in short, was correct and these results encourage us to develop new plans with a view to improve the experience of our users and to preserve the LISTÍN as the most important journalistic site of the Dominican Republic.

Translated from spanish by Randy Rodriguez.