Aligning ourselves with the future

The digital revolution has altered the old models and practices of what we know as the traditional journalism, and its first major change has been forcing each journalistic platform to diversify themselves and become multiplatforms. That way, the printed newspapers have become one of the platforms that have undergone some of the biggest transformations through … Continue reading Aligning ourselves with the future

From the text… to the video, a challenging juncture

The process of integrating the printed and digital newsrooms is full of new challenges, and it's no longer enough to rely on a model that molds textual content from one platform to another, now you have to open yourself to the tendency of users preferring the news to be accompanied with videos or waterfalls of … Continue reading From the text… to the video, a challenging juncture

The “creative blow”

In these times when journalism is exercised on multiple platforms, the principle of a "creative blow" excites publishers who have accepted the challenge of reinventing the traditional newspapers. For half a century, I've witnessed the dramatic changes that the world of social communications has undergone, so the experience of merging printed with digital editions now … Continue reading The “creative blow”